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World-class strategic advice to shape
a more confident future

Working with integrity and independence, we build long-lasting relationships with clients

Our specialist consultancy team provide intelligence and analysis to support you in making better commercial, policy and investment decisions. By identifying opportunities in profitable and productive innovation and new and better technologies, we provide strategic advice that delivers exceptional value, now and for the future.

Independent specialists

We combine deep expertise in the technology and innovation space with an understanding of current context and future trends. Our evidence-based impartial advice enables clients to make informed results-based decisions.

Global insights, local realities

With offices covering the five continents, we combine a global approach with an excellent knowledge of the specific local realities.

Bespoke and informed

With valuable experience in both the public and private sectors, we tailor our service to your organisation’s needs. And all our clients benefit from our unique ability to leverage the market insights of our dedicated investment arm to guide your strategy.

Our consulting services


We provide a range of services for corporates and policymakers in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.

Policy and regulation

We deliver novel and definitive approaches to solving chronic regulation and policy problems.

Business and network modelling

We provide you with advanced quantitative tools and models to support your strategic decision-making.

Some of our clients