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Digitisation of all layers of the economy is occurring at a rapid pace with the potential for rich rewards but with risks.

Our cybersecurity practice is central to our business and an increasingly important service area for clients.

Today, societies are globally interconnected and increasingly dependent on Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and digital infrastructures. However, this interconnectivity presents a multitude of vulnerabilities and ongoing emerging threats and risks that need to be properly managed. Consequently, enhancing the cybersecurity landscape is essential to every nation’s security and economic well-being.

Cybersecurity is an ever-changing and complex challenge that encompasses numerous different aspects including, governance, policy, operational, technical and legal disciplines. Axon’s cybersecurity team combines business expertise, a strategic mindset, and deep knowledge of cybersecurity strategy and technologies.

Our consulting expertise includes strategy, policy & regulation, and research at both a business and governmental level. We work closely with national representatives and institutional bodies to help them understand their cybersecurity needs and to define actionable recommendations aimed at improving their cybersecurity ecosystems.

Our consulting skills are further supplemented by the on-the-ground experience of Axon’s investment team. Axon’s investment team is following the market very closely, identifying the key market trends and assessing the most attractive target companies. The team has previously analysed 350+ opportunities in the cybersecurity space, invested in multiple cybersecurity companies and has indirect stakes in a number of cybersecurity start-ups and companies across the globe. Since 2022, Axon has been a Member of ECSO, the European Cyber Security Organisation, the EU’s flagship cybersecurity organisation, helping to shape policy, regulation and more for organisations, economies, and society as a whole

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