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Providing evidence-based recommendations, through benchmarks,
surveys, market analysis and best-in-class analytics. Our recommendations
are always backed up with solid research.

We provide a full range of services to corporates and policy makers in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector to help you navigate uncertainty with data-based recommendations. Our services span top-level corporate strategies to mid-level regulatory, and investment or network strategies to low-level strategies such as spectrum planning, digital transformation or AI adoption.

How we work with you:
customer-centric, evidence-based

We are committed to a customer-centric approach, from the identification of your pain points to the delivery of the final product. We are flexible and agile, adapting our execution and approach to meet your needs in the most effective way possible.

We provide you with evidence-based recommendations, through benchmarks, surveys, market analyses, best-in-class analytical exercises and more. Our recommendations are always backed up with solid research.

To help guide your strategy, we carry out meaningful impact analyses, giving you insights into the expected operational and financial implications of any decision to be made.

Why Axon?

  • We are a trusted and credible partner to key ICT players around the globe thanks to our quantitative-based approach; more than 90% of clients continue to partner with us year on year.
  • Thanks to the insights and experience of our investment division, we are practical, well-grounded and adopt an investor or CXO-like mentality. As a result, we deliver strategies that are directly implementable and ready to be put into practice.
  • We have extensive and specialised know-how in ICT, from network deployment and operation to wholesale regulation, go-to-market, and emerging technologies, among others.
How can we support your commercial, policy and investment decisions?