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Business and network modelling

With more than 100 business and technology models under our belt,
we can ensure your strategic business and policy decisions
are made with confidence.

We develop advanced quantitative tools and models to support you with decision-making advice. Our modelling techniques allow us to analyse different scenarios to guide your strategic decisions.

For example our big data geographical models analyse millions of data points from several sources, including APIs and cloud services (such as buildings locations, road and streets routes, topography, etc.) to inform the design of next-generation telecom networks (e.g. 5G, fibre-to-the-home). These models allow telecom operators to plan and optimise their investments and help policymakers to understand the impact of policies and regulations as they define the best approaches.

How we deliver for you

Our advanced quantitative tools and models are deeply rooted in our engineering background, ensuring the economics accurately represent the reality of the technologies behind them.

Our proprietary data-gathering process ensures that information provided by stakeholders is accurate, representative and unbiased. Moreover, we complement our analyses with information gathered from various public and private information sources, APIs and databases as well as proprietary data gathered from hundreds of previous assignments. All this guarantees that our results are solid and accurate.

All our models are clearly structured and supported by detailed documentation explaining all algorithms, populated information and processing used. This approach delivers full transparency, ensuring you understand the logic behind the tools and giving you full confidence to use them.

Why Axon?

  • Our experienced team of experts have an engineering background and an in-depth understanding of the technologies under analysis.
  • More than 100 business and technology models developed so far for technology companies, governments, regulatory authorities and international organisations.
  • Our models have been subject to the scrutiny of hundreds of opposing stakeholders that have validated the accuracy of our results.
  • Working collaboratively means we can confidently say we have had over 100 satisfied clients so far.

How can we support your commercial, policy and investment decisions?