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Axon approves a dividend of 0.64 euros per share

The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders was held on 20 June at Axon’s headquarters in Madrid, with 88.80% of the share capital and 93.34% of the voting capital present. At the meeting, all the resolutions on the agenda were unanimously approved by the shareholders present and represented. The resolutions adopted included the approval of the company and consolidated financial statements and the payment of dividends.

The dividend will be paid on 20 July at a gross amount of 0.64 Euros per share, including the pro rata allocation of the economic rights attached to the treasury shares to the remaining shares.

This dividend represents a payout ratio of 75% of net operating profit (investment + advisory), in line with the IPO commitment. It also represents a dividend yield of 3.7% based on current market capitalisation. In line with the targets set, this is the first dividend payment since the company’s listing on BME Growth last year.

One year on, Francisco Velázquez, chairman and managing partner of the firm, comments on the company’s development:

Even in a complicated year like 2022, Axon continues on its sustainable growth path. We have achieved growth in revenues and profits, with increasing diversification of projects and investment strategies, in other words, in a very healthy and robust way. We have done this while improving the organisation, adding six new partners to the firm and creating business units with dedicated teams. Adding new partners gives us much more capacity to grow. Creating dedicated units improves our focus, specialisation and service to clients and investors.

For more information on all operations, follow this link: Shareholders