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Nine Axon partners strengthen their position in the company’s shareholding

As part of the strategy to go public in 2022, a plan was developed to give career partners access to the shareholding. The project began to be implemented last year when the company granted these employees an initial package of shares. Thanks to the favourable outcomes achieved in 2022, the company reported its first dividend distribution a few weeks ago, amounting to €0.64 per share, corresponding to almost a 4% yield.

Following the strategic line defined, in September 2023 the leading career partners increased their shareholding by acquiring 1.8% of the company at a valuation representing a premium of 4.8% over the current share price. The partners are members of the Group’s management team, which makes this operation very significant as it demonstrates the employees’ confidence and commitment to the company and its development.

The members are as follows:

  • Javier Martínez de Irujo, Partner and Chief Financial Officer.
  • Dikmen Edgu, Partner in charge of the Middle East.
  • Jorge Martínez, Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Consulting.
  • Alfons Oliver, Partner and Chief Marketing Officer of Consulting.
  • Jesús Carballal, Consulting Partner.
  • Álvaro Neira, Consulting Partner.
  • Mauro Yovane, Partner and Head of Secondary Investments.
  • Luis Castañeda, Partner and Head of Climate and Technology Transfer.
  • Iván Feito, Partner and Head of Growth.

We appreciate and recognise the commitment shown by the group’s partners, some of whom started their careers at Axon, which adds to our satisfaction. Axon’s partners demonstrate exceptional loyalty, talent, and professionalism that are hard to find, which is why a Spanish firm can compete with the best in the world. says Francisco Velázquez, Chairman of the firm.