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Axon manages €120m in its Climate Tech strategy, focused on enabling technologies for the energy transition

Axon is accelerating its position as a leading global investor in sustainability and energy transition, reaching €120 million in assets under management exclusively dedicated to this strategy. The firm began investing in the energy transition vertical (also known as Climate Tech) in 2015 and has since executed transactions in leading companies worldwide, in both public and private markets. Axon’s expertise in this sector has been crucial in gaining the trust of a wide range of national and international investors, both corporate and institutional, including Fond-ICO Global and EPM, as well as financial institutions and family offices that have trusted the firm for years.

Achieving sustainability goals requires new technologies (Climate Tech). The need for decarbonisation demands not only environmentally sustainable solutions but also economically sustainable solutions, and this can only be achieved through technological advances such as those seen in the past in the world of digitalisation and communications.

Over the years, Axon has contributed to the energy transition challenge through numerous direct and indirect investments in sustainability-focused technology companies in Europe, the US and Latin America. Axon’s Climate Tech portfolio now includes nine companies, including Uptime Analytics, Arteche, ErreDue, SEaB Power and Libelium, as well as several indirect investments in specialist managers such as Pale Blue Dot, with a presence in the Nordic countries. In addition to the nine direct investments, the fund has recently invested in Jolt (hydrogen), Klik Energy (energy) and Hepta Airborne (smart grids), bringing the total to twelve companies in various sectors supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Francisco Velázquez comments:´Axon’s energy transition strategy is not the result of a recent fad or the awakening of the investment community. Axon is a comprehensive technology investment platform with highly specialised teams and global access, and we have been working in this space for over seven years. The energy transition will require a lot of technological innovation, similar to what we saw in the digital world a decade ago. This is the excellent investment opportunity we see and offer to our investors.´

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