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Axon Research: Edge Computing

“Edge computing is one such technology architecture and is key in enabling 5G to meet new human demands, from VR solutions to autonomous vehicles. Our whitepaper: “Edge Computing: a key enabling technology in 5G transformation” explains why.

The development of 5G will not only bring about new capabilities to mobile networks, but also highly disruptive products and services based on data security, high-capacity data transfer, and minimum latency. Business cases such as autonomous vehicles, remote healthcare and high-volume augmented reality are just some of the new entrants that 5G will enable in the near future.

However, whilst 5G technology itself can now provide the low latency to support a new wave of innovation, the network structures currently employed to serve traditional ICT, i.e. cloud, need to catch up. Being designed to store, process and transfer data from an extreme distance, traditional cloud computing may no longer be sufficient in meeting the industry requirements that are being triggered by 5G technology transformation. This is leading organisations, from Telecommunications players to tech start-ups, to employ new network and service architectures that place the necessary processing power at the very place that they are needed: the “Edge”.

In this whitepaper, we assess how edge computing can be a significant enabler for 5G technology transformation, how its use in advanced 5G use cases is becoming a necessity, and how it can benefit Operators as a key technology within their 5G strategies.

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