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Axon announces the appointment of Dragos Stefanescu as senior advisor

Axon has appointed Dragos Stefanescu as Senior Advisor to the firm.

Dragos brings to Axon’s investment strategies a wealth of experience and knowledge from a long career in technology investing at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP), one of the world’s largest and most prestigious pension funds.

During his time at OTPP, Dragos oversaw a portfolio of approximately USD 1 Bn in technology assets and venture capital, with investments in industries such as semiconductors, software, hardware, internet and cybersecurity.

In particular, Dragos will support Axon’s growth and expansion in the North American market, where the Firm has already completed ten investment transactions, including commitments to top venture capital funds through Aurora, Axon’s fund of funds platform.

Aurora has positioned itself as a leading investment platform for global access to technology investment. It is the only fund with a multi-sector approach that includes the digitalisation, life sciences and deep tech sectors. Aurora focuses on the pan-European region (including markets such as Israel, the UK and the Nordic countries) but selectively invests in top-tier managers in the North American market, where Dragos’ contribution can make a difference.

We are pleased to welcome Dragos Stefanescu to Axon and are confident that his skills and experience will help our expansion in the US and North America, where we already have exposure but see the potential for further growth. He has a wealth of experience to bring to our team and excellent knowledge of the private equity market, as well as portfolio design and management.

Mauro Yovane, Partner at Axon

Axon is a global leader in identifying and optimising opportunities in technology and innovation with a two-dimensional approach: consulting and investment. Investors, businesses and entrepreneurs benefit from the unique combination of deep domain expertise and real-world insights from both parts of the business. Axon has around 90 experienced professionals covering Europe, the Americas and MENA and is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange [BME: APG].