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Secure-by-design: Cybersecurity, IoT and the role of regulation

Security in technology is a double-edged sword for consumers and providers. It’s supposed to be a driver for technological progress. But consumers’ lack of confidence in security can make them slow to adopt new technologies. The secure-by-design (SBD) approach seeks to address this issue and to help build a technology ecosystem where consumers can feel confident entrusting their privacy to the industry. In fact SBD is now having an increased presence in regulation, and this will soon have implications within product markets worldwide.

Report contents include:

  • Technology, cyberthreats and the ‘security paradox’
  • SBD in practice: IoT, 5G and new threats
  • SBD and the role of regulation
  • Examples of national SBD measures
  • The EC’s Cyber Resilience Act:
    • Brief overview
    • A closer look at the Act’s SBD obligations