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Axon Partners Group joins the International Institute of Communications (IIC) as Associate Member

The International Institute of Communications (IIC) is an independent, global organisation that brings together senior policy makers from across the emerging digital ecosystem to explore and discuss the opportunities and challenges that the new environment brings. The IIC is the only independent international forum that brings together statutory national regulators, global commercial operators and end-user representatives in a collegiate, neutral environment to debate policy issues.

The rapid pace of technological change and the concurrent emergence of new user behaviours raise several challenges to permit innovation, offer protection to all stakeholders (users and industry alike) and respond to political and governmental needs.

In such a fast-evolving context, Axon Partners Group is committed to shaping the policy and regulatory ecosystem of the future in the interests of individuals, commercial organisations, economies and wider society. Axon Partners Group is a firm believer of the positive impact of sustainable technological innovation on society, and that policy and regulation should promote (rather than hinder) innovation and investment.

By joining the IIC, Axon Partners Group will contribute to an open dialogue with policy makers and regulatory authorities around several themes, including infrastructure, spectrum, competition, investment, and emerging technologies, amongst others.

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