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Axon Consulting joins the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO)

Axon brings its technology and policy expertise to the EU’s flagship cybersecurity group at a critical time

Madrid, 19 July 2022 – Axon Consulting, a leading strategic consultancy for ICT organisations, announced today that it has become a member of the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO).

The move further boosts ECSO’s 200-plus membership and strengthens Axon’s international reputation as one of the leading consulting firms in the cybersecurity space.

ECSO is pan-European, multi-stakeholder and cross-sectoral partnership organisation working on cybersecurity with a holistic approach, offering a 360° view on the rapid evolution of the digital environment.

Axon’s cybersecurity practice is central to its business and an increasingly important service area for clients. Its work in this field includes strategy, policy/regulation, and research at business and governmental level. Axon works closely with national representatives to help them understand their cybersecurity needs and to define actionable recommendations aimed at improving their cybersecurity ecosystems.

This strength in cybersecurity, combined with its established expertise in areas such as telecommunications, emerging technologies and more, means Axon is uniquely positioned to support ECSO and its membership in making Europe cyber competitive, cyber resilient and cyber sustainable.

Axon’s multidisciplinary expertise is especially important in this context. More and more societies are globally interconnected and increasingly dependent on ICT and digital infrastructures. Fixed and mobile communications, data centres, the IoT, edge technologies – all are part of this, and, without adequate protection, all are vulnerable.

This is a critical time for cybersecurity. The landscape is constantly changing and threats are constantly evolving. Governance and policy, along with operational, technical, and legal disciplines, need to respond. Axon believes coordinated action across EU government authorities, the private sector and civil society is essential. Managing and developing the cybersecurity landscape is important not just to the EU’s security but to its economic well-being.”

“We welcome this opportunity to bring our expertise to bear on the cybersecurity challenges facing Europe. Through membership of the EU’s flagship cybersecurity organisation, we believe we can make a valuable contribution to shaping policy, regulation and more for organisations, economies, and society as a whole. European cybersecurity is an enormous challenge. We are excited to play a part in addressing that challenge with ECSO.

Álvaro Neira, Axon Consulting