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5G Security in Super-Connected Operators

In this report, we assess 5G development that has taken place alongside measures to limit the impact to known cyber threats, notably the architectural principle of security by design. However, that may no longer be enough.

The adoption of new network functions and the establishment of a virtualised and independent core network introduce new potential threats for the industry to manage. MNOs are increasingly connected. Many other industry players are involved. They must work together to ensure the cybersecurity of 5G – and 5G users – worldwide.

Report contents include:

Security advantages of 5G compared to older generations:

  • What does security mean for mobile telecommunication networks?
  • Evolution of security measures in mobile telecommunication networks
  • The technical advantages of 5G cybersecurity

Security challenges of 5G

The 5G core

Ubiquitous operators and their role in 5G cybersecurity:

  • Interconnected network operators
  • MNOs best practices to ensure 5G cybersecurity