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Genneta Science, closing the bell at Nasdaq

The Italian biotech company Genenta Science has been listed on the Nasdaq. Pier Luigi Paracchi, CEO of the company and venture partner of Aurora, our fund of funds platform, comments on the pride and result of bringing together innovation and entrepreneurship, just as being a key milestone in the biotech industry. You can read below a summary of the speech of Mr Paracchi and Prof Phd Naldini during the ceremony, celebrated in New York.

We started this surprising and so exciting journey with a discussion on the last draft of a scientific
paper. That paper proposed a unique and elegant approach to treat cancer through a cell and gene
therapy strategy. Science is the center of the scene here at Genenta. Since then, we have closed three different rounds of investment. And, now we are a listed company on Nasdaq. We were able to put together innovation and entrepreneurship and a lot of investors trusted us and followed us. This IPO is not the end of our journey but rather just another milestone to impact the life of tumor patients. Thank you.

Pierluigi Paracchi, CEO

It is highly rewarding to me seeing how far we went from the original design of a new treatment
approach to cancer in my academic lab in Milan. Genenta is leveraging on powerful gene therapy
technologies to target signals activating immunity against cancer in the tumor microenvironment,
sparing the rest of the body from their potential toxic effects. Blood cells become smart vehicles of
gene therapy into the tumor, like Trojan horses delivering a deadly gift. This strategy resulted in
enhanced anti-tumor activity and low toxicity in our preclinical models and warranted pursuing its
translation towards clinical testing through a startup company. Since then thanks to the excellent
leadership of Pierluigi and Carlo Russo, the contribution of the whole Genenta team and the clinical
and research sites involved we have made great progress and are now ready to take the next
challenges, which we can address with the resources that accessing the premier technology stock
market in the world will make available to us and will help us moving towards the overarching goal of
benefiting patients.

Luigi Naldini, Prof Phd