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ISR has received an investment round led by Axon Partners Group to accelerate its growth and international expansion

ISR, the Spanish technology company, a spin-off of the University of Jaén and specialised in artificial vision for quality inspection of transparent and reflective surfaces, has closed an investment round led by Axon, a global management company focused on innovation and technology. The investment will help ISR remain at the forefront of innovation and the creation of advanced solutions for its customers.

This strategic operation marks a significant milestone in the development of ISR. It aims to provide a financial boost to an ambitious strategic plan for international expansion, where ISR already has a presence in Europe, America, and Oceania. The investment will enable new business opportunities in key markets, strengthen relationships with multinational clients, and position the team as a global leader in machine vision and inspection technology.

The inspection of transparent and reflective surfaces has traditionally been a problem area in various industries, as several factors have affected this manual control, making it a complex, costly and not always accurate process. In the face of this market situation, ISR’s Specular Vision® technology not only overcomes these challenges but also opens new doors for continuous improvement and innovation in manufacturing and production. This technology allows for quality inspection on complex surfaces, including transparent and reflective surfaces, for various industries such as automotive or metallurgy.

Founded by Juan Gómez Ortega, Javier Gámez García and Diego Martínez Gila, the company’s shareholders include María Luisa García, President of AABAN (Andalusian Association of Business Angel Network) and Business Angel investor, and the University of Jaén, a leader in technology transfer to the region’s productive system.

About ISR: ISR is creating innovative solutions and defining the future of SPECULAR VISION® technology. It enables automated inspection of aesthetic quality in the industry through vision and artificial intelligence. ISR’s vision is linked to international growth, aligned with a commitment to excellence and the drive to be a pioneering technology company in vision and artificial intelligence.

About Axon: Axon is a global technology and innovation company with a two-dimensional approach: investment and consulting. The company has around 90 experienced professionals covering Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East and North Africa. It is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange [BME: APG] and manages €685m in capital.