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More than 20 years of active European public market expertise enables us to bring a unique insight to what we do.

ISETEC* I Fund invests in innovation growth companies which are listed or about to be listed in European Alternative markets through a private framework approach. We believe there is a unique opportunity to invest in this asset class which offers high growth potential, solid balance sheets, attractive valuations, and more avenues to exit than a traditional private equity fund.

*ISETEC: (Investments in Smallcap Enterprises with Technology)

A long-term focus

Companies found in this area have a similar DNA to the low mid-market Private Equity (PE) fund where a large founder group has high growth ambitions and is in management control. To ensure success we invest with a PE mindset, looking for long-term capital with a role as an active minority and participation in management or decision making bodies.

Having access to the best companies is critical. We target companies that are in transition to a higher level with aligned minority shareholders and a long-term vision.

At Axon we have a distinct advantage in tackling this segment: we have backed over 40 innovation and technology companies and accumulated two decades of experience.

Why Axon ISETEC I?

  • Small companies in European markets are growing on average at 20%+ and have historically provided excellent returns to investors, with innovation and technology strongly represented.
  • We see the best way to exploit this opportunity is through a PE approach: long-term capital and active participation are key. We believe this strategy is unique in Europe today.
  • Our two decades of experience in technology, innovation, private and public markets gives us access to the best opportunities.
  • Our carefully-constructed, high-conviction portfolio provides investors with the right strategy and exposure to the high-growth listed space in Europe.
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