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Your partner for growth

Our philosophy is to invest expansion capital in innovative
companies and work collaboratively to grow

We have a solid history of betting on great tech entrepreneurs with sustainable businesses. We know being an entrepreneur is a heroic adventure which is always better performed if well accompanied along the way. We want to be your companion, the reliable partner, with a long-term vision, passion and patience, you can count on in the good and the bad times. 

How we work with you

We work in partnership with you to help scale your business. Using our expertise, global footprint and long track record of successful investment, we help you to create strong organic (and inorganic) growth, solid profitability and help you capture market opportunities.

A long-term commitment

For us creating companies is a long march, not a sprint. We support you on your whole journey whether that’s corporate development or competitor challenges, not just with funding but with hands-on expertise and practical support.

Partners not owners

We invest in companies at any and all stages, taking minority stakes and adding our expertise to your skill set. We are partners, and as such we trust the entrepreneurs we back and support them at any condition.

Sector agnostic

We have invested in every sector of the tech industry and had successful experiences in all of them. What we seek out is companies that have exposure in innovation and technology, with a clear edge to create a competitive advantage, a sizable market and a model which can expand without excessive capex requirements. In summary, we look for a winning combination of entrepreneurial spirit, unique products, competitive service and sound management.

In-depth support

We understand the challenges of growing a company and take the time to get to know you and the challenges you face. That way we can ensure we give you the tailored and targeted help you need, including for example:

  • Overcoming competition challenges
  • Corporate development strategy
  • Preparing for an IPO
  • Legal implications

Our investment strategies

Direct investment

Focussing on technology and innovation

Fund of funds

Investing in world-class Venture Capital funds

Tech transfer

Axon Fund V investing growth companies

Crossover & alternative markets

Working in partnership with large corporations