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Holaluz ranks No. 1 in Sustainalytics’ global ESG ranking as an energy producer company

Holaluz, an energy transition technology company whose purpose is to create a 100% sustainable planet, is ranked number 1 in the ESG Risk ranking by Sustainalytics – Morningstar’s leading ESG and corporate governance research and ratings agency – in the subcategory of Independent Power Production and Traders.

The analysis, which assesses the company’s overall risk management on human capital, business ethics, and corporate and product governance, places Holaluz at a lower ESG risk level than in the previous assessment in 2020 (-3.33%), improving from 12 to 11.6 points.

This low overall risk score places Holaluz among the 4% of companies with the best valuation (lower risk) within the Sustainalytics universe of 15,000 companies and among the top 2% within the utility sector globally (out of a total of 712 companies).

With this outstanding position, Sustainalytics recognizes Holaluz’s leadership in the energy transition with an ESG risk management that the agency qualifies as “strong” and an ESG risk exposure assessed as “low”.

The ESG Risk Rating is one of the main references in the capital markets. Evaluates a universe of companies representing more than 80% of the total capitalization of the stock markets. The analysis evaluates firstly the risks affecting the company by its nature (sector, activity, public exposure, etc.) and secondly, the risks derived from its management (transparency, criteria governing governance, equality policies, etc.). This involves the analysis of more than 450 data to evaluate 70 ESG variables resulting in a level of risk that investors from all over the world take as a variable to invest or not in a company.

Reducing the level of risk and achieving the first position in Sustainalytics’ ESG risk ranking in our category is the confirmation that we remain committed to our purpose in all areas of our business. This milestone, together with the company’s new strategic focus on the solar business, consolidates Holaluz’s leadership in transforming the sector with an impactful business model that responds to the global challenge of climate change.

Carlota Pi, co-founder and CEO of Holaluz