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Axon invests in AI Technology to enhance grid resilience and safety across Europe

In a significant move towards transforming the energy sector worldwide, Axon, a global firm focused on technology and innovation, has announced a strategic investment in Hepta Airborne, an international AI-driven software company. Hepta is set to play a crucial role in bolstering the resilience and safety of the world’s electricity grid. The collaboration highlights Axon’s focus on investing in disruptive companies with innovative technologies, helping them deploy their solutions internationally, and contributing to the utility sector’s transformation.

Collaborating closely with utility companies worldwide, Hepta Airborne is already making significant progress in mitigating power outages and enhancing grid stability. `Our collaboration with several utilities in different countries marks a critical step in strengthening grid resilience globally, ´ stated Jorge Massardo, a distinguished technology expert and Business Development Manager at Hepta Airborne.

Europe’s electricity grid faces challenges from extreme weather, aging infrastructure, high demand, and human errors. Nicolas Rios Sanchez, senior manager at Axon, stated, “Hepta is a company with state-of-the-art and innovative technology that makes it well-positioned to lead the energy transition in Spain and other countries. The founding team, led by Henri Klemmer, combined with our 7+ years of impact and transition experience, will allow us to fill a sustainable gap in the technology sector.”

A key advantage of Hepta’s technology is its ability to find an average of 400% more unique defects in power line inspections than traditional methods. This efficiency enhances grid safety and resilience and leads to significant cost savings. `Our AI-driven approach to power line inspection is transforming how utilities maintain their infrastructure, making it safer, more efficient, and cost-effective, ´ added Jorge Massardo.

Hepta’s AI-driven software automates 70% of manual workflows across operations in 18 countries, improving safety and disconnection rates in the electrical grid. Nicolas Rios, senior manager, commented: `Axon’s investment in Hepta demonstrates our belief in the company’s potential to transform the utility industry

About Axon:

Axon is a global firm focused on technology and innovation with a two-dimensional approach: investing and consulting. Establishing itself as a leading entity in identifying high-impact investments that promote energy transition and sustainability in the utility-tech sector and energy efficiency-related technologies. Axon manages over €120 million of assets dedicated exclusively to this strategy. The company has circa 90 seasoned professionals covering Europe, the Americas, and MENA. It is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange [BME: APG] and manages capital of €685 million. 

About Hepta Airbone:

Hepta Airborne is an international software company based in Estonia specializing in AI-driven power line monitoring and defect detection solutions. The company’s innovative technologies aim to make power line monitoring more efficient, cost-effective, and safer, contributing to a more sustainable and reliable electrical network.