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Axon culture

Axon Culture

Our main purpose is to not only provide the best business opportunities for our employees but to foster a culture where they can thrive professionally.

Working at Axon

From day one Axon is a place where opportunities are given to all employees, regardless of seniority or job title. We think it’s important that people are given the opportunity to work directly with clients, in specialist areas that are new and in different teams.

Our projects and investments have a big impact, and our people make that happen. If you want to be engaged and motivated, then Axon is the place to be. As an agile and flexible company, we reward excellence, ambition, and dedication as it happens.

Our focus

We are specialists rather than generalist consultants or investors. We focus on technology and innovation and we give our people opportunities to develop expertise in these areas.

In Consulting, with valuable experience in both the public and private sectors, you will be involved in managing or leading projects from Strategy to Policy and regulation to Business and network modelling, across three main industries: Communications, Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologies.

In Investment, with our diverse Verticals and Bespoke Portfolios, you will have the opportunity to be involved in or lead market-relevant financial transactions, business development or investor relations.

If you are part of the Internal Corporate Services team, you will have exposure to all business transactions and projects, for both the Investment and Consulting divisions.

Axon culture

We’re global

You will work with a diverse and exciting mix of clients and companies from across the five continents. Our global footprint is an essential part of our DNA – get your passport ready! Travelling and getting to know other cultures professionally is an important part of roles. There is also opportunities for temporary relocation abroad if you want to get the full international experience.

Diversity and inclusion

These are more than just words. A workforce with diverse backgrounds and perspectives opens the door to innovative solutions and brings new approaches to the challenges that we face every day. It is paramount that we invest as much time as needed to find the right candidates who will fit into our culture.

Your development

Everyone is different, so our training flexes to your needs. As well as engaging in a structured development programme throughout your career, all employees are encouraged to find courses that will help them achieve their career ambitions and Axon will support them with training costs.

Flexible working

A work-life balance is vital which is why Axon entrusts its employees to balance time in the office with home working.

Reachable management team

Our top management team is very hands-on, accessible and frequently interact with the teams, regardless of their position in the career path. They are very much interested in listening to your ideas, in empowering employees to take initiative and in delegating responsibilities as you grow.