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Axon Career Paths

We believe in giving you real opportunities to shape
our company by supporting you to grow and develop
from day one.

It is paramount for us is that you have clear expectations on how far you can get with us and how you can get there. Our career paths are based on the fact that we promote on merits and recognition and not because there are vacancies.

Your potential growth in Axon, regardless in which position you join us, will be determined by how quickly you develop your skills and acquire seniority.

Consulting Division

associate investment
senior associate investment
manager senior manager
Principal partner
complete diagram consulting
Working alongside a Project Manager, you will work on international projects, interacting with Axon’s diverse clients and travelling to their offices. You will develop skills in research, data analysis and modelling. You will also produce client reports and presentations for client meetings, guided by your Project Manager.
In this senior role, you will perform tasks with more independence and limited supervision, at an advanced level. Your responsibilities will include managing junior team members and supervising their work. You will gain more visibility with clients and any relevant third parties or stakeholders.
As a Project Manager, you will direct all elements and parties involved in a project – the internal team, clients, collaborators, and stakeholders. You will lead the delivery of projects ensuring that deadlines and quality standards are met. You will be the main client contact, managing their expectations and ensuring we comply with Axon’s mantra: “Striving for excellence in everything we do”.
Your involvement in project execution will be based on project needs, but you will always oversee its overall execution, providing guidance and senior know-how. You will work with and manage Axon’s C-level clients while contributing to enhancing and maintaining Axon’s reputation, taking the lead in business development and sales activities.

Investment Division

associate and senior associate
manager senior manager
Principal partner
As an Investment Associate or Senior Associate your involvement and responsibilities will increase as your seniority grows. You will have the opportunity to directly participate in the execution of investments in companies or funds worldwide. Your responsibilities will be dynamic and your outputs will include reports or presentations that will be used in the decision-making process of committees and supervisory boards. You will be encouraged to represent Axon at industry events.
As a manager or Senior Manager, you will oversee the execution of investment transactions as well as gain exposure to fundraising activities. Because of your seniority, you will also engage in new business opportunities for Axon. You will still be required to perform analysis and generate a pipeline but will also be responsible for mentoring and supervising the work of junior members of the team. To keep on top of market trends, you will be encouraged to attend industry events representing Axon.
You will be the leader of one of our Investment verticals and you will be expected to become a relevant and strategic contributor to Axon´s business development and reputation. You will represent the company by directly leading the closure of transactions as well as participating in industry events (i.e. being a speaker in round tables). Your exposure to fundraising activities will require direct involvement in the management of current and potential investors. Because of your seniority, you will also engage in new business opportunities for Axon.