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Partnering with investors and corporations to develop a tailored investment program to meet their strategic objectives.

Whether you are a corporate looking to internalise and leverage the technologies that are being developed in academia or research centres, or an impact investor targeting a specific region or emerging technology, our tech-transfer and impact unit has the industry expertise and global reach to execute an investment programme on your behalf.

Scaling emerging technologies with transformative impact

We support ambitious entrepreneurs that are developing and enabling technologies across several industries and regions. By linking them to relevant stakeholders such as large corporates, funding sources or governments, we maximise their impact by bridging the gap between the initial idea and its successful implementation in a real-world context.

Leveraging the full potential of Axon’s investment platform, we invest in scaling-up innovations from their very early stages, helping them, among other things, to:

  • Land proof of concepts with leading corporations to prove their solution
  • Support the recruitment of top talent to boost the industry expertise of the founding team
  • Establish relationships with leading and specialised VCs to secure future funding needs

Our understanding of emerging markets and our long-standing relationships with direct fund and other impact investors position us as an ideal partner to co-create and deploy their impact investment initiatives.

Our proven methodology and experience working with corporations and DFIs allow us to translate their investment goals – whether financial, strategic or impact – into a programme that meets those same objectives.

Why Axon?

  • Our consulting DNA together with our extensive investment experience give us a privileged position, enabling us to better understand the needs of each of our partners and develop a unique investment strategy for them.
  • We have a proven track record of working together with blue chip corporates to implement and execute their investment programmes.
  • We have a strong presence in emerging markets with seasoned teams that understand the local context.
  • Our team has deep industry knowledge and subject matter expertise in selected verticals such as Energy Transition, ICT, Fintech, Cybersecurity and Web3, among others.
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